Hidden Hollow Farm
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About Us

We use organic growing methods and do not use any chemical or artificial fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.  All of our crops are open pollinated and heirloom varieties, the seeds of which have been saved and passed down for many generations. We save many of our own seeds.  We also use biointensive growing methods such as double dug beds for some crops, using close and offset spacing of plants, cover cropping, and applying compost.  We make our own compost with the abundant leaves that blanket the woods here, grass clippings, weeds, and plant trimmings.  We plant cover crops including buckwheat, oats and winter rye which add organic matter and nutrients to the soil, prevent erosion of precious topsoil, and attract beneficial insects and pollinators.  To learn more about biointensive methods, go to the Ecology Action website.

In keeping with our goal and mission of sustainability, our homestead is off-the-grid and we get our electricity from the sun and solar panels.  Visit our links page to see some great websites on off-grid living and solar power.

buckwheat ready to be turned under to enrich the soil

Our Growing Methods and Philosophy
  • Healthy soil will give you healthy plants - we nurture and build the soil through cover cropping, adding compost and organic mulches
  • We never use chemical or inorganic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides
  • We plant and encourage herbs and flowers throughout the gardens to attract beneficial insects and pollinators
  • We rotate crops to prevent diseases
  • We apply small amounts of rock powders to add trace minerals and nutrients to the soil
  • We use floating row covers to discourage garden pests and plant "trap plants" to control damage to crops
  • We use plant-based fertilizers and foliar sprays including Comfrey and Nettle